Come Visit us@ Grace Music Academy  : 4240 N 78th Street Milwaukee, WI 53222                            phone: 414-736-6130

Grace Music Academy

grace Music Academy


"At Grace Music Academy, we provide top-notch music education and creative development for individuals of all ages. Our experienced instructors offer specialized instruction and innovative teaching methods to help students excel in their chosen instrument. By learning with us, students develop cognitive abilities, discipline, and perseverance that benefit them throughout their lives. Whether they aspire to pursue a career in music or simply want to explore their artistic potential, Grace Music Academy is committed to helping each student become the best  they can be."

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Experience top-notch music education with our quality lessons in guitar, piano, drums, and bass. Join our group sessions for just $20.00 per 30 minutes, or opt for private lessons at $40.00 per 30 minutes. Master the art of voice technique in our Voice Technique 101 course, available for $200 for a 4-week, 30-minute session. Customize your learning experience by choosing the songs you want to learn!